At, we offer transparent pricing based on the individual requirements of our customers.

Our monthly price is $50 per search term.

With this award, we enable companies to generate targeted traffic for their defined search terms and improve their search engine rankings.

The monthly plan includes the following:

  • The amount of traffic is adjustable
  • Breakdown by mobile and desktop ( 60/40 as default )
  • Classification by country or worldwide (e.g. only traffic from Germany)
  • Using 40M+ IP addresses
  • Use of 100+ different user-agents
  • Simple statistics about the development of the search term
    (if desired also extensive ones with surcharge)
  • Personal support for questions and setting options
  • Up to 2 minutes dwell time on the target page

We have a special offer for agencies. We grant an attractive discount on the price for three or more projects running in parallel. We ask agencies who want to take advantage of this offer to email to report. We are at your disposal to discuss further details and agree on individual conditions.

The term of our service is always at least three months. This allows us to achieve optimal results for your website. However, if you are dissatisfied after one month, we offer you the opportunity to cancel free of charge.

We aim to provide a practical and flexible service that meets your needs. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our prices or transit times. We look forward to helping you improve your search engine rankings and increase your online success.

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