Our Solution

Configurable traffic on the defined search terms: We generate targeted traffic on the specified search terms.

Amount of traffic based on the desired ranking: We determine the optimal amount of traffic to achieve the desired listing in the search results. This will increase your visibility and attract more potential customers to your website. Alternatively, you can also set the amount freely.

Mobile vs. desktop split: We enable traffic targeting to mobile or desktop users. This way, you can reach your target group exactly where they are.

Classification by country or worldwide: You have control over the geographical distribution of traffic. Choose between a focus on specific countries or a global reach.

Using 40M+ IP addresses: Our platform accesses over 40 million IP addresses from 195+ locations worldwide. This allows us to ensure a wide variety and authenticity of the traffic.

Use of 100+ different user agents: We simulate the use of different devices and web browsers to make traffic appear even more natural and to influence the ranking of your website positively.

Statistics on search term development: We provide detailed statistics on search term development so that you can track and adjust the success of your strategy.

Personal support for questions and development opportunities: Our dedicated team is at your side with personal support. We answer your questions and support you in optimizing and further developing your search click strategy.

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